Our core team has it's career roots in the early 2000's and comprises people who worked on over 50 projects for partners for over 20 countries. We combine the material competence in all aspects of digital art creation with experience, insight into pipeline management and de-centralized outsource management aimed at combining maximum quality with project-driven efficiency.

Marcel Petráš

Founder / 3D Pipeline Lead

Skilled professional in the gaming industry. After graduating Studied Games Art & Design Course at University of Hertfordshire (UK) he has worked for Creative Assembly as environment artist on game Halo wars 2. Then he worked as an environment lead in the VR & mobile sector for 4 years making applications for major industrial companies. Strong understanding of the environment and love for games brought him to create fresh new digital art company specializing in 2D and 3D.


Milan Kováč

Founder / 2D Pipeline Lead

An ambitious talent with a passion for concept art and Illustration. Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts and Design (SK). During 15 years in industry he gained experience in many fields working as an Art Lead, Lead VR & Mobile experience artist for mobile interactive solutions and a Concept artist for film and video games. Elveon, Aqua, Naval Battle Rush, Microsoft XBLA & Travian Games, Trainstation, Vaporum, Shadows:Heretic Kingdoms, Vikings-Wolves of Midgard and many more.


Michal Hóz

lead Character Artist

Spirit and energy catching perfectionist. He studied Game art in the UK. During this period he was involved in several small projects but finally ended up in Foundry 42 where he worked on Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Later at Warhorse Studios he worked as a lead character artist on project Kingdom come: deliverance as well as he's done the character pipeline preproduction for next unannounced project.


Richard Dömös

Lead Photographer

Senior awarded photographer focusing on product, event, art photography and photogrammetry. Many years of experiences with well known brands such as Škoda Slovakia, Kia Slovakia, Jack Daniels, Finladia and more. Awarded Slovak Press Photo in categories Everyday life, Spectator award and Sport. As a creator of 3D models (photogrammetry) he worked on a game Call of Duty - Modern Warfare for Activision.


Slavo hazucha

Head of Business Development

Energetic visionary with more than 15 years of experience in gaming and interactive digital productions. Focused on transformation artistic talents into the highest Digital Art outputs in game and interactive digital productions, content for PC, console, mobile, online and VR platforms. Experienced with high-end Major Industry publishers with love for indie publishings.